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Food Evolution - 52 Minutes - 1280 x 720 - Digital HD (1GB) (Educational Version)

FOOD EVOLUTION for Education – Digital Download and Streaming Agreement

Food Evolution LLC (the “Licensor) grants you, (the “Licensee”) a limited license for classroom use of the feature documentary FOOD EVOLUTION (“the Film”) at your school in accordance with the following terms and conditions. You agree to these terms and conditions by accepting digital delivery of the film from Licensor.

This license is a non-exclusive and revocable license to use the Film in a licensed classroom to be directly sponsored, co-sponsored, hosted, or presented under the auspices of the Licensee. Public performance rights are not included with this limited license for classroom use.

With the exception of public libraries lending programs to their authorized cardholders, and schools lending programs to students and their families, Licensee shall not sublicense, sublease, rent, sell, transfer, loan, or otherwise part with the possession of the Film, in any format secured by the Licensee, to any third parties, including family members, colleagues, or associated organizations, schools, or businesses. Public exhibition rights are non-transferable.

Legal title to the Film shall at all times remain with the Licensor, and all rights therein are reserved to Licensor.

Licensee is not bound to exhibit the Film in its entirety and may exhibit portions or excerpts of the Film as needed, but shall not duplicate, “burn,” cut, edit, alter, digitize, compress, or “rip” the Film or otherwise tamper therewith, and in no event shall the Film be exhibited without complete attribution to Licensor.