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Do alternative facts and fake news enrage you as much when the topic is … food?

Food Evolution Movie in theaters beginning 6.23.17.

Posted by Food Evolution Movie on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

“Food Evolution Official Trailer” / Facebook Video / Embeddable / Total Running Time: 2m15s

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Do alternative facts & fake news enrage you as much when the topic is ... food? / @foodevomovie opens 6.23.17

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Are #GMOs safe? #FeastOn#Facts with @foodevomovie. Opens 6.23.17

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Featuring @BillNye, this bold new doc unfolds the polarizing #GMO debate. @foodevomovie opens 6.23.17

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Sorry, your #organic bananas aren’t saving the planet. #FeastOnFacts with @foodevomovie beginning 6.23.17

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.@foodevomovie: A fresh, provocative perspective on the critical issue of food. Beginning 6.23.17 #DataNotDogma

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How do we decide how to decide? #FeastonFacts with @foodevomovie beginning 6.23.17

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